Algebra & Tonic

• 30 ml Algebra
• 60-100 ml Tonic Water


Method: Build over ice, stir briefly
and garnish with a citrus twist.


The ratio and method for this simple highball lend themselves well to experimentation.


For a rich, dark and intense drink, try a 1:2 ratio (30 ml Algebra to 60 ml tonic water).


To tease out Algebra’s rounder notes of caramel and vanilla, increase the ratio of tonic to coffee liqueur, up to 100 ml mixer for 30 ml Algebra.


Adding Algebra first to the ice-filled glass before topping it with tonic will yield a rich aromatic crema on top of the drink.


Reversing the order (pouring Algebra on top of the tonic) will create less foam and a more carbonated drink.