We love to make simply beautiful drinks.

We make classic cocktails, conditioned in kegs for efficient on-tap service.

We supply bars and restaurants with simple solutions to serve remarkable mixed drinks.

We use fresh ingredients and selected spirits distilled or blended to our own specifications.

All our drinks are free from artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours or preservatives.

Our drinks are spectacular in taste and aroma.

A chilled glass is all it takes to let them shine.

Our Drinks


Aged Caribbean rum
Lime juice
Unrefined cane sugar


Aged Caribbean rum
Freshly ground coffee
Unrefined cane sugar


Aged Caribbean rum
Ginger and citrus juice
Unrefined cane sugar

My name is Yves Cosentino.

I have nurtured a love for spirits since I started working in the drinks industry some 20 years ago.

My quest for the elusive perfect cocktail led me to start Algebra Drinks.

Working with a small team of suppliers, distillers and technical partners, we make simply beautiful drinks.

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