Reverse Espresso Martini

• 50 ml Algebra
• 20 ml spirit of choice
• 5 ml sugar syrup


Method: Shake with energy, good ice and a smile. Double strain into a small chilled cocktail glass.

Thanks to its high coffee and low sugar content, Algebra can stand in for both the shot of espresso and coffee liqueur in this modern classic template, effectively yielding a "reverse" recipe, where the modifier becomes the base while the spirit works as the modifier.

Easy to make and delicious, this cocktail also contains only half the alcohol of the original recipe.

This drink works with many spirits: Vodka of course, as in the original recipe(Dick Bradsell's "Vodka Espresso"), but also rum or Tequila (for a"Jalisco Espresso"). For a richer profile, try making it with Cognac, Armagnac or even Calvados.



Use small coupes or any small stemmed glassware (16cl / 5.6 oz coupe featured here).Your drinks will remain cold for longer. This will also improve the wash-line on most of the classic cocktails you choose to stir or shake.


Keep your glasses in the freezer, taking them out just before fixing your drink.


Express a small piece of fresh orange peel in the bottom of the glass just before straining your shaken drink. Holding the citrus zest between your fingertips with the peel facing down, squeeze it swiftly once to coat the inside of the glass. A little goes a long way, as the aromatic citrus oils will rise with the liquid and gather in the crema-like froth on top of your cocktail. Be gentle, as heavy-handedness could result in a bitter vegetal note rather than extra aromatic lift.


Use a tea strainer in addition to your cocktail strainer to get a denser head on your drink.


Garnish with 3 lucky coffee beans if you feel fancy; and raise a toast to Dick Bradsell’s memory.