Algebra Extra Dry coffee liqueur recipe development

We hope it shows in our product.

But the sad reality is that you can make and sell a great tasting coffee product whilst caring very little for the communities and ecosystems at the origin of this amazing ingredient.

Our journey into coffee started with a fascination for its aroma and little knowledge about its cultivation, processing or roasting. So we focused on honing our extraction skills in order to capture its wonderful character. And searched for ways to keep it beautiful over time. It turns out, this is the original raison d’être of liqueurs: preserving flavour.

We have learned a lot since our first experiments, and there is a lot more for us to discover. But one thing is clear: the coffee world is in crisis, and its deeply imbalanced value chain is a big part of the problem.

Many people in the specialty coffee industry are working to help fix this. At our level, we decided to work with a roaster with an ethical, transparent and sustainable sourcing policy: Has Bean.

Has Bean are committed to building and nurturing mutually beneficial long-term relationships with growers at origin. The price they pay for green coffee is always above market and Fairtrade minimum prices. They are an early and extensive data donor to the Coffee Transaction Guide, a critical initiative empowering green coffee producers in contract negotiations. They publish their sourcing report annually.

Has Bean also roast stunning coffees, which we love to work with.