Algebra Extra Dry coffee liqueur recipe development

We source our coffee from Has Bean, in the North of England, a fantastic roaster with a transparent and sustainable sourcing policy.

We buy our rum from a merchant blender (E&A Scheer). We currently use a blend of rums distilled in the Caribbean (Barbados, Trinidad) and Latin America from sustainably sourced sugarcane molasses (Bonsucro or ProTerra certified molasses).

We used both refined and unrefined cane sugar in our first batches, without any particular certification. We are reviewing our sugar sourcing to choose the most sustainable option in our next production runs.

While few liqueur brands are open about their sugar content, ours is clearly stated on our back label: 100 g/L.

• • •


We blend and bottle Algebra in London.

We process our coffee beans in our London lab into an intense and aromatic coffee extract. We then blend it with rum and cane sugar. Our liqueur is then gently filtered and bottled. No fining agent is used in its manufacture.

Algebra does not contain any added flavour, colour or artificial sweetener.

Algebra contains caffeine, and 19% alcohol by volume.

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Algebra Extra Dry coffee liqueur amber glass bottle

Algebra’s amber glass bottle offers optimal UV protection and contains a high proportion of recycled glass.

Our labels are made from 95% up-cycled sugarcane fibre, along with 5% hemp and linen.

Our bottle is sealed with a lightweight ROPP aluminium closure fitted with a small EPE foam insert. We are seeking a non-plastic alternative to replace this part.

Our shipping case is made from FSC certified board. We are looking for a plastic-free tape to replace the standard adhesive tape we currently use to seal them. 

Algebra Extra Dry coffee liqueur shipping case