Algebra Decaf coffee liqueur

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Algebra Decaf is an extra dry coffee liqueur, made from carefully decaffeinated coffee, rum and cane sugar. Just like our original Extra Dry coffee liqueur, it contains the bare minimum amount of sugar for a liqueur at just 100g/L, leaving ample room in its recipe for the coffee to shine.

Algebra Decaf is made with coffee produced by a grower cooperative in the Jaén district of Peru and decaffeinated using a gentle method using only water and CO2 to remove the caffeine from the green beans. It is roasted by our friends at Rounton Coffee Roasters in Yorkshire.

• Full coffee character without caffeine
• 3 natural ingredients
• 100 g/L sugar

No flavouring - No added colour - No artificial sweetener.

• Vegan/vegetarian
• Gluten free